Our Story

We have produced dextrose and mints for more than 60 years in Germany. As part of one of the largest dairy groups in Europe (DMK) about 60 years ago farmers wanted to create a milk tablet that would dissolve well in coffee or tea. The tablets today still are as yet not dissolvable, but of course the tabletting machine had to be put to good use, so a dextrose product was introduced in Germany under the intact brand. This currently enjoys 60% market share in the pharmacy channel (more than 22,000 in Germany) and was the basis for Sanotact's growth.

In 2002 it was decided that a product for the export markets would have to be developed and with inputs from Japan the IMPACT brand was created. Special mini mints in a stylish packaging were created and the first sales started in Japan 2003.

From then on our mints really made an IMPACT on the mint world and more and more markets were opened as customers all around the world took to the specially developed taste profiles. Constant inputs from the different markets ensure that these are always localized which means many markets have different and unique taste identities, similar, but yet specifically catered to the local market.

At the start there only were two mint types, but this slowly grew with our fruity mints proving so successful that we constantly look to develop more new great tastes for our customers, while always sticking to our original story: taste quality is everything. We have learnt to pack the most intense flavour in our small mints to ensure that everyone can feel the IMPACT it makes and enable you to make an IMPACT anywhere or everywhere.